Circus Themed Birthday Party

Parties that make me relive fond childhood memories are my favourite. That is probably why I have a soft spot for birthday and communion decorations!

So when I was asked to create a magical circus theme for a 5 year old birthday, I pulled out my old family album and found the faded photos from a visit to a circus in Seville. There I was sitting proud as punch on top of an elephant with my younger sister. I remember it visibly, holding onto his ears nervously and grinning at the camera while his truck snuffled my sisters hair.

As crazy as it seemed I wanted to give that same memorable experience to all the kids at the party. I created a full sized baby elephant that would mesmerise all the kids and it didn’t disappoint.

At the party they patiently queued for photos and stroked it’s life like trunk as if it was truly real. In fact I still have Dumbo (what else would I call it!) standing in my shop and I still get a kick from watching visitors reaction to seeing it for the first time.

The party was a success! Teamed with a full fun fair, sweet stalls and colourful balloons to match the circus table decorations, I felt like I was back in that circus tent. And in case you were wondering if I have recreated my Jumbo photo……. well I will just let you guess!

View the full gallery by clicking here.

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